Hop Step Jump English School PICNIC in Nihondaira Zoo

Hello! J-Kun here! 


Thank you for coming to our event at Nihondaira Zoo in Shizuoka City! I was so happy to see you all there. 


It was a beautiful sunny day! While we were waiting at the entrance, I could see that everyone was feeling different! Some people were excited, some people were nervous, and some people were still tired! One student just wanted to eat her bento!!


Before the quiz rally started, I introduced all of our staff for the day. Thank you to everyone who helped us! 

The stamp rally was a good challenge, not only for students, but for parents too. I hope you all enjoyed speaking English to my friends.



The English teachers told me after the event that everyone tried their best to ask lots of questions in English. Of course, some students were nervous because it was their first chance to speak English to someone other than myself, Logan and Masumi. But everyone tried to complete the quiz and everyone got bingo. Congratulations!!! Some parents even managed to complete level three….. Fantastic! 


My daughters also told me they spoke to lots of students and handed out lots of snack. I hope they gave you energy! How many snacks did you get?


At the top, Logan and I handed out presents. You all did a great job! Which animal eraser did you choose? Logan was handing out toilets!! Did you know? 


After a short break, the bubbles were a nice surprise, right? Did you catch any of them? There were so many! I was impressed with your “READY, STEADY, GO!!!”

ランチタイムのあとはシャボン玉サプライズ!楽しかったね!シャボン玉つかまえられた?めちゃくちゃたくさんできたよね。みんながREADY, STEADY, GO!って言ってくれたのが素晴らしかったよ!

After playing duck, duck, lion I was really tired. Even after walking around the zoo, you guys still had so much energy! You were really fast at running!

ダック・ダック・ライオンは、Jくんはすごく疲れました(笑)。 園内を歩き回ったあとだったのに、みんな元気元気!みんな走るの速すぎだよ~笑。

I hope everyone had a wonderful time at the zoo. Our goal is to have fun speaking English, and I think many of the students and parents attending the event had fun!


Once again, thank you all again for spending the day with us at Hop Step Jump! 


See you in the lessons.