Birthdays ~誕生日~

Hello everyone! 

This time of year is the birthday season at Hop Step Jump. My birthday is June 1st, J-kun’s birthday is June 26th and Masumi’s is July 1st! It’s been fun talking to our students about birthdays. It’s also interesting to see how old some students think we are turning (someone thought I was turning 100.)  


I was lucky this year and my husband threw me a surprise birthday party and all of the HSJ staff came to surprise me. My hobby is bouldering! I go bouldering every week for about 2-4 hours a week. My husband surprised me by renting out my favorite bouldering gym and having my friends come to surprise me and go climbing with me. He told me we were going to a restaurant to eat dinner just the two of us. I was so surprised when we arrived at the bouldering gym. I had so much fun! I couldn’t stop smiling! 



This month in class we are also talking more about birthdays! Especially in our Green and
Purple classes this month, we are practicing the months of the year and talking about when our birthdays are. We often ask the students “When’s your birthday?” almost every student can answer!  In my classes, we have been giving BB card characters birthdays too. For example, “Betty Botter bought some butter”  is card number one of diamonds, so her birthday is January (1月.) 

今月のレッスンでは、誕生日について話す時間が増えたクラスもあって、日付を言う練習をしています。よく「誕生日はいつか」の質問をするんだけど、ほとんどの子たちが英語で自分の誕生日を言えると思います。私のレッスンだと、BBカードも取り入れてそのキャラクターの誕生日を言う練習もしているよ。たとえば“Betty Botter bought some butter”のカードはダイヤの1のカードだから、“Her birthday is January.”「彼女の誕生日は1月です」とか!

When is your birthday? Do you like surprises on your birthday? Do you know the BB card “Mad Monkey made a lot of money?” When do you think his birthday is?


 “Mad Monkey made a lot of money”のカードわかるかな?Mad Monkeyの誕生日はいつだと思う?

See you later,