BB card safari ~BBキャラクターを探してみよう~

The other day I was driving in Fujieda and was so surprised by what I saw! I saw a BB card character in real life!  By the side of the road, I saw Red Rooster. I was so surprised I had to take a photo. I am, of course, talking about the bb card, “Red Rooster will finish reading.” I couldn’t tell if he had a book with him or not but I don’t think he did, he must have finished reading. 

先日、藤枝を車で走っていてびっくりしたことがあったの。なんと、BBカードのキャラクターを街中で発見!道の向こう側にRed Roosterが!!めっちゃびっくりして思わず写真撮っちゃった。”Red Rooster will finish reading.”という文章のことだよ。


This made me think about what other BB characters we might find in real life. Maybe if we go to the zoo we will find Gentle Giraffe, or maybe Mr. Zebra or even Mad Monkey. Maybe at the supermarket, we will find Mr. Celery in the vegetable aisle or Miss Peach in the fruit section. Maybe we can see Tommy Tucker on a train. Maybe you might find “A Group of Children” making tomato soup in your kitchen!  


たとえば”Gentle Giraffe”とか”Mr. Zebra”とか”Mad Monkey”が動物園にいたり?

スーパーでの野菜コーナーに“Mr. Celery”、果物コーナーに”Miss. Peach”がいたり?

“Tommy Tucker”を電車で見かけたり、自分のおうちのキッチンで、トマトスープを作っている “A Group of Children”が見られるかも!

So I want to challenge you all! Let’s go on a BB card Safari and look out for BB card characters in daily life. If you take a picture and show me (Logan) I will have a small prize for you!