House differences ~家屋の違い~

Hello, It’s Logan! 


Today I want to explain the differences between houses in Canada vs Japan!


In Japan, many houses and apartments have balconies, especially to dry clothes! In Canada, balconies are not as common, because we don’t often hang our clothes outside to dry. We might sometimes in the summer hang them out to dry, but if we tried to hang our clothes outside in winter, we would have frozen clothes! Instead, most houses or apartment buildings have washing machines and driers. 


In Canada, our house levels are different as well. In Japan, you might have the 1st floor, the 2nd floor, and sometimes even a 3rd floor but in Canada it’s different. At the bottom of our houses, we have basements, then the main floor, then the 2nd floor! Basements are very common and often are used as an entertainment area or a storage area. Basements are also important if there’s a tornado and are used to take cover from the storm. 


Lastly, another big difference between Japan (especially Shizuoka) and Canada is we have central heating in Canada. We don’t often use aircon just in a few rooms. During the winter our houses are always warm on the inside because the outside temperatures are so cold! Not as many houses though have air conditioning in the summer though, so sometimes our rooms are very hot in the summer, but only for just a few days! 




Were you surprised by any of the differences? If you want to know more let me know! 


See you! 🙂