Santa Claus is coming… to your yochien!

This week, Santa was very busy getting ready for Christmas,
so he asked me and J-kun to go to his favourite yochiens for him.

The children were very surprised and happy to see ‘J-kun Santa’ and ‘Eve Olaf’.

First, we sang ‘I’m A Little Snowman’. Some children were shy, but most of them sang the song very well in a big voice.

Next we all took a photo together.

We will send it to Father Christmas (Santa) so he knows who is on his ‘nice’ list!
After that, we played some Christmas games.
In the first game, the children had to sing
‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’
before choosing a random card and asking J-kun Santa what he wanted for Christmas.
‘What do you want for Christmas?’
‘I want… toys!’

We were really happy with how well the children could ask the question!
Next we played the ‘Sleigh Relay’.

The children had to keep their toys in their sleighs before passing the sleigh to the next person. It was fun to chant
‘Come on, K-chan! Come on S-kun!
Go, go, go!’.

Then we read a Christmas book together, and finally it was present time!
Each present had some snacks and a message from me and J-kun.
We are so proud of all of our yochien kids.
Everyone is trying really hard, so J-kun and I are trying really hard too!
We’ll see you next year!
Merry Christmas!
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