Baby Classes!

There were no tears in the baby classes this week.
I was surprised because I thought the Santa outfit would scare one or two of them.
A few of them were clearly nervous but they warmed up after a while.

‘T kun’ was having a good time in the first lesson, although he didn’t want to let it show!
‘K-chan’ was really happy and enjoying Christmas, up until I took the Santa decoration down from the ceiling.
She ran away from him. ‘Ta-Kun’ started the lesson by singing Frozen songs in his own little world.
They all suddenly became interested in everything when we stated reading some Christmas books.
When ‘Ta-kun’ said “snowman” he was so cute!

We sang songs and the children were able to follow some of the gestures.
Some kids, who were shy when they first started, sang in a big voice.
It’s nice to see them improving.

For the last lesson we make some christmas trees and decorated some cookies!
The children looked super happy and probably wish it was Christmas every lesson! ‘Y-Chans’ cookie was gone in no time!

Thank you to all the parents who helped me out during the lesson.
I really appreciate it.
Finally, Hop Step Jump hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
See you in 2015!
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