Yummy and Yucky!

Yaizu Youchien After school club.
In the after school club, students are getting better at introducing themselves.
The next step is trying to remember their birthday!
Some of them didn’t know when their birthdays are!

We sang a song, and the students tried to repeat the month of their birthday.
They did surprisingly well!
This month theme is likes and dislikes.
Eve and I were struggling to find things which they didn’t like to eat!
We asked them
“Do you like broccoli?”
and they answered
“Yes! It’s yummy!”.
So we asked them,

“Do you like carrots?”
and they still answered
“Yes! It’s yummy!”
We found out that some of the children don’t like strawberries, and some of them don’t like medicine (but only some of them)!

The students tried to ask Eve about her like and dislikes!
Did you know that Eve doesn’t like natto?!?!!
“It’s yucky!”
O-chan was really cute, she pointed at me and just said “ Jason, broccoli…?”
    焼津スタジオ 焼津市焼津2丁目1−34−1
    藤枝スタジオ 藤枝市志太1丁目6−7