Reading time

At the end of our kids classes we try to read at least one book.
The Kids love choosing the books by themselves!

If we read the book that they have chosen they look so happy.
It’s great to see that although the children don’t understand everything that Eve and I read, the children are able to look at the illustrations and attempt to follow the story.
They are able to point out different objects, the colors of objects etc.
Eve and I try to ask questions which they will be familiar with.
It gives the students a lot of confidence, and by doing so it motivates them to listen even harder.

This months theme is likes and dislikes.
We chose to read about a picnic in some of the classes.
All the children love to go on picnics.
In the story, different animals stop the children from eating, and they have to run away.
At the end of the story it’s not an animal that stops them eating but the rain!
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