Easter is coming.

Hi! It’s Logan,

Spring is coming soon! Which means that Easter is coming soon too! 


This year Easter is April 9th. In Canada, many people celebrate easter. 


Some people will go to church, some will decorate eggs, and some will eat a special family dinner. 


My favorite thing to do for Easter is to do an Easter egg hunt. Of course, they’re not real eggs, but chocolate eggs!


 Every year when my brother and I were little, we would do two egg hunts. One in the morning just my brother and I and then one in the afternoon with all my cousins! It was so fun! Of course, being in Canada, we couldn’t do the easter egg hunt outside because normally there is still snow on the ground. So, my parents would hide all our eggs in our house. 



They were really good at hiding the eggs, they would even use tape! But sometimes they were too good at hiding eggs and they would forget where they put some of them… some years we found chocolate eggs from the last year’s easter. 


Every year we’d always look forward to the egg hunt and even though my brother and I are grown up my mom still insists we do an egg hunt every year.