Trip to Canada

Hi, this is Logan.


Recently I went home to Canada for Christmas!


 It was also my husband’s first time going to Canada. We were both so excited.  Unfortunately, our trip didn’t go as planned. 


We were supposed to leave Tokyo at 6pm December 23rd, make a brief stop in Vancouver (for three hours), and then arrive in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta December 23rd at 4pm. The days before our trip, however, there was a big snow storm in Vancouver. We were nervous that we wouldn’t be able to go to Canada.  On December 23rd we left Japan and landed in Vancouver, Canada. An hour later we found out our flight to Edmonton was canceled! We went to talk to a staff member and they said the next flight we could take was December 25th at 10pm. We would miss Christmas!! Luckily, I had family that lived in Vancouver and they were nice enough to take us in for Christmas. 




 1時間後、エドモントン行きの飛行機が欠航になったことがわかって! !




Finally after two days in Vancouver we were finally able to go to Edmonton and meet my parents.  I spent the next few days introducing my husband to my family around Edmonton. I got to show him where I grew up and all the important places in my life. 

バンクーバーで2日間過ごした後、ようやくエドモントンに行って両親に会うことができました。  その後数日、エドモントン周辺の家族に旦那さんを紹介しました。 私が育った場所や人生でとても大事な場所を彼に見せることができました。

On New Year’s Day we finally celebrated Christmas with my mom, dad, brother and my sister in law.  


Eventually we had a great trip but it started off a little different than we expected.