Feeling Proud!

One of the biggest challenges for students in the class is definitely phonics, and reading. At the start of class, for a limited amount of time, we practice the sounds of the alphabet. The students try so hard and I am grateful for their effort because it isn’t easy!
For the level one classes it’s such a great achievement that they can read simple vocabulary. They put the sounds together like a puzzle, and when they read the word it makes me feel so proud! Learning to read in English isn’t an overnight thing, it takes a lot of time, and lots and lots of practice.

In the past few lessons in the level two classes, I’ve started to ask students to read short stories to me. Some students have only just started this year, and so it’s a really challenging activity for them. For other students, it’s the next step. They are able to stand, and read, in English, and with confidence in English. Those students are proof that practice makes perfect.