X’mas is coming!

Yaizu Yochien: eigo club

The children are doing really well. I was really impressed with their ability to remember things is this class.

Every lesson the children practice introducing themselves. Up until recently we have always used music. Now they have started to introduce themselves without the songs. If however, someone forgets something, the other kids are quick to prompt them using the songs which they have learnt.

This month the theme is Christmas. We introduced a new Christmas song! I wonder if they will remember it!
We asked them “What do you want for Christmas?”. Some of them hadn’t yet decided but toys and dresses seemed popular.
We introduced some new Christmas vocabulary and played a game in pairs. Although the children are different ages, they all played nicely together.
At the end of the class we read a book about a reindeer. They children enjoyed touching the different textures introduced in the book.

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