Ten little monkeys!

Our baby classes are always a lot of fun for me.
The children are becoming more and more familiar with the songs.
They are so cute when they dance, and I’m amazed at how much they can remember considering they only come twice a month.
At the end of the lesson they made two wreaths.
Thanks guys!

Our toddlers have received a boost of confidence from somewhere and are using it to great effect in our classes.
We are building up quite a catalog of songs, most of which they can remember gestures to!
One of our recent songs has been ‘Five little monkeys, jumping on the bed’.

This week I showed them a book which I recently bought, which uses the song. I think they enjoyed pressing the buttons!

For the last part of the lesson, they tested their craft making skills.
They each made a colorful Christmas tree by cutting out paper strips and sticking them onto card.

Thanks for your help mums, we couldn’t have done it without you!
I’ve put them up in the classroom in Yaizu along with the other decorations which were made for us.
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    藤枝スタジオ 藤枝市志太1丁目6−7