Weather in Japan vs. Canada

Hiya it’s Logan! 

There are a lot of typhoons in Japan! It makes me think about the differences in weather between where I live in Canada versus in Shizuoka. In my area, we never get typhoons! However, we get a lot of other extreme weather!


Of course, everyone knows that Canada is famous for snow and cold. In my city, Edmonton, we have lots of snow from about October to March (sometimes April).  Sometimes we get snow even in June! During the winter our temperatures can even reach -40 degrees!! It’s really difficult to leave the house when it’s that cold. We also get blizzards! Blizzards are big storms with lots of snow and lots of wind. It’s really difficult to see during a blizzard. 


In the summer, it’s a little different. Our summers are (sometimes) hot, and dry. Temperatures can reach about 35 degrees! Unfortunately, the hot dry air creates a lot of forest fires. Forest fires make it really hard to breathe sometimes and it turns the sky a weird orange color. We also get tornadoes! Luckily, I’ve never seen one in person, but I have had to take cover once. When you get a tornado warning you are supposed to go into the basement of the house and wait. It can be very scary! 

夏はちょっとだけ日本と違うかな。カナダの夏は(時々は)暑くて乾燥しています。35℃くらいになることもあるよ。暑くて乾燥している気候は森林火災をもたらします。森林火災は息がしにくくなってしまうし、空を奇妙なオレンジ色に変えます。 竜巻も発生します! 幸いなことに、私は竜巻を直接見たことはないんだけど、避難しなければならないこともあったよ。 竜巻注意報が出たら、家の地下に入って待つことになってるの。 めっちゃ怖そうでしょ!

Luckily storms and tornadoes are rare and actually, summer is my favorite season! What season do you like best in Japan?


See ya!