Golden week.

 Hey everyone it’s Logan!


I hope you all had a restful and relaxing golden week! This year we were happy to have wonderful weather and my husband, and I, were so excited to travel to Yokohama and Kamakura.




On our first day, we went to the Cup Noodle Museum and made our own custom ramen. We spent a long time drawing and coloring our ramen cups to make them look like our own. My husband’s favorite color is orange, so he decided he wanted an all-orange cup. But it took a long time for him to color it. Next, we could choose the flavor of our ramen. I chose chili tomato, and my husband chose the curry flavor. After that, we chose our toppings. There were 12 different toppings that we could choose from. It was interesting to see them make our custom cup noodles.





After that, we went to Akarengasoko, but it was so busy we could barely move!! We didn’t know but there was a food fair happening. We quickly got some food and left to go back to our hotel.


The next day we went to our next hotel in Ofuna and we decided to go to Enoshima. This was a big mistake. There were even more people at Enoshima than there was at Akarengasoko!! When we got onto the island the streets were packed. We however did see some shirasu gelato that looked interesting!





On our final day, we went to Kamakura to see the big Buda and to wash our money at a shrine. We were nervous that there was going to be a lot of people again. This time we got lost and somehow ended up on a 30 min hike through the forest.  Luckily there was very few people in the forest and we enjoyed the peace and quiet.


By the time we got home, we were both so tired and slept for a long time!