The first month~初めてのHSJレッスン~

Hello! I’m Logan.


I’m a new teacher at Hop Step Jump! I Just finished my first month joining regular classes. It has been so great. 



I first met Hop Step Jump students at the Picnic in May. I was so impressed by the students. They used so much English and they wanted to speak with me!


I then got to meet more students at English Adventure Summer camp. I was even more impressed by the students, not only by their English skills but also their bravery and their kindness.  I got to know the students really well over the 3 days and we had so much fun making tie dyed T-shirts, playing water games and trying English challenges. All this made me so excited to start joining regular classes. 




After a month I can say that it has been so much fun. I’ve really enjoyed joining all the classes. My favorite class game has been gestures games. Students have to make gestures to get other students to guess the English word. Everyone is so creative and it is so funny to see the gestures people create. One time we had an imaginary picnic! Student have been so welcoming. 



I can’t wait to start teaching more and getting to know more students.