Christmas at Kindergarten!

Hello, J-Kun here. 


It’s December, which means “Christmas at Kindergarten!”. 


For the first Christmas lesson I decided to wear a Christmas jumper. 

(Did you know that in the UK there is a special day for wearing Christmas jumpers?)



So I wore my Christmas jumper and went to kindergarten. 


“Good morning, Merry Christmas!” I called out to the different classes. 


Their faces looked happy at first but then a little confused…….. 


“Look at my jumper… it’s a Christmas jumper. What do you think it is?” 


I thought my jumper made me look like an elf; the students thought differently. 


“What do you think it is?” 


Here are some of their answers; a clown, Santa, Wally, a thief, a reindeer…. 


I don’t think they were actually looking at me… just saying random words! 


 So we sang songs, played a game and finished the lesson with a book. 


The book is called “Father Christmas needs a wee”. 


The basic story is Father Christmas (santa), drinks too much and he needs to go to the toilet. 


So I asked the students, “If Santa needs to go to the toilet, what does he do?” 


Many of them had obviously never thought about the problem before.


Here are some of their answers. “If Santa needs to go to the toilet, what does he do?”


“He uses the toilet in my house but he doesn’t flush the toilet” (because he’ll wake the children)


“He uses the bathtub because he doesn’t have to flush”


“He just wees into his pants” 


“He wees into the present sack and it disappears because it’s magic”


“He wees in the sleigh”


“He flies into the sky and wees” (apparently snow is Santa’s wee, as is rain)


“He goes to 7/11 and uses the toilet”. 


Only one student out of all of the students in three kindergarten said “He goes home to use the toilet (which was the correct answer) 


So as you can see, Christmas is really fun at Kindergarten. 


Next time I’ll visit will be J-Kun Santa. I hope the student recognize me!


Merry Christmas!