What a fun halloween week!

Hey, it’s Anne!

This year’s Halloween is special. We did not have a one big party but we did 1 week of halloween lessons! It was so fun!

The kids wore their cute halloween costumes to the lesson. Good job to our dear moms and dads for that! Thank you for the effort!
J-kun, Masumi, Tomi, and Anne wore their costumes, too! Which one was your favorite?

We played different halloween party games. The students did counting, listening, reading, speaking in English. I think they did a good job!

I want the students to answer random questions or say words which can come up in the everyday conversations with foreign people. I saw their improvement this week!

Students who studied English for a long time can already ask questions to me naturally. They understand the rules of the game even I am explaining in English and they help the new kids to understand, too. Kids need exposure to English and with HSJ, they got it!

I am very happy with our students. They all seem to enjoy English lessons. We are looking forward to more fun lessons!

Halloween 2020 was still fun even with this pandemic! Thank you all for coming to our halloween lesson!
See you all again next year! Let’s make next year spookier and even more fun!