English at home#11 Wash your hands.

Hello this is J-kun.

At Hop Step Jump, when students arrive we always try to greet them with “Hello, how are you?”.
ホップステップジャンプでは、教室に入るといつも”Hello,how are you?”「ハロー、元気?」から始まります。
This month I noticed some parents helping us. They say “wash your hands”, and in English!

Wash your hands

This is a good example of an easy English phrase that can be used at home.
“Wash your hands.”「手を洗って」は、おうちでも簡単に使える英語のひとつ。

Here are some other phrases which maybe you’d like to try.

Wash your face

1. As a part of their morning routine ask the children to “wash your face”. We always ask them to wash their hands so it shouldn’t be difficult.
1.朝の習慣のひとつとして”Wash your face.”「顔を洗って」がありますね。”Wash your hands.”のhandsをfaceに変えればOK。

Brush your teeth

2. Before breakfast, lunch or dinner we can use “wash your hands”, but after eating we can use “brush your teeth”. Some of the younger students remember the “brush your teeth” song very well!
2.食事をする前は”Wash your hands”が使えますが、食後には”Brush your teeth.”を言うと良いです。キッズクラスで歯磨きの歌をやったことがあるので、上手に歌える子も多いと思いますよ♪

Brush your hair
3. When getting ready for nursery or school why not ask your children to “brush your hair”
3.幼稚園・保育園、学校の準備ができたら、”Brush your hair.”「髪の毛とかしてね」と言ってみてもよいでしょう。


Of course at the start students may be confused as to why you are speaking English at home, but they’ll get used to it. Let us know how it goes.