Gyokuro no Sato Tea House

Hello friends! Are you looking for something interesting to do one afternoon?

Recently my colleagues and I went to Gyokuro no Sato (玉露の里) in Okabe near Yaizu. It’s a darling little tea house tucked up in the mountains with friendly and welcoming staff. Myself and my colleagues have been helping them with their English leaflets and tea ceremony instructions and will be there to assist you personally on April 24th (Sun), May 25th (Wed), and June 4th (Sat).

For just 820 yen (so cheap!) you can enjoy delicious gyokuro tea and wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) with a view of the pond and beautiful garden.

Gyokuro no Sato Tea House Outside

You also get to make your own tea!

Gyokuro no Sato Tea House Making Tea

While you may be able to drink tea in the main room in Kyoto’s tea houses, it’s almost impossible to find one that will let you explore the entire building. Gyokuro no Sato normally welcomes tour buses that travel from Narita to Kyoto experiencing different tea houses. They make a special stop in Okabe because this tea house lets you tour the entire residence and gardens.

The real entrance to any tea house is through a door this size!

Gyokuro no Sato Tea House Entrance

The reason they had doors this size was tactical. It’s absolutely unthinkable to ask a samurai to remove his sword but if you have a tiny door that won’t fit a sword through it, what’s a tea house to do? No sword-removal, no entry.

Way back when, it was easy for those in kimonos and yukatas to enter because you just kneel to get in and then you are already in the seiza (kneeling) position, ready to receive tea. From this picture below, the room looks (and felt) spacious enough, but look at the ceiling! We had to be careful not to bump our heads when standing up.


Gyokuro no Sato Tea House Small Room

Here is where the samurai used to wait to be let into the tea house. Doesn’t it look like a little bus stop? To imagine samurais waiting here for their tea is comical!

Gyokuro no Sato tea house waiting area

The tea house has a delightful theme to it – water gourds and the moon! For a challenge, try and see how many gourds and moons you can find around the tea house!

Gyokuro no Sato Tea House Gourd Door
Gyokuro no Sato Tea House Moon Step

The water gourd was not only eaten, but then dried to be used as flasks for containing water, alcohol, medicine and seeds. It was often said that seeds kept in these flasks bloomed the most successfully, and so they soon came to signify happiness or success. Born a peasant, the shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi adopted the gourd as his emblem and attached a gourd to his spear before going into battle.

Please come and enjoy it with us on April 24th, May 25th, or June 4th!

Gyokuro no Sato is easily accessible from Yaizu JR station. The no. 2 bus headed to Asahina stops at Gyokuro no Sato and takes 40 minutes.


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